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Hey you… Welcome to The Bewti Concierge!

The convenience of a 5* salon right on your doorstep… literally!


Introducing the first of its kind in South Wales, The Bewti Concierge is the only place to go for all of your beauty and self-care needs! What’s so special about our platform you ask? Our hand-picked, premium service providers will be there for you whether you’re sitting on your sofa, at a hotel, wedding, or even on a photoshoot!


What do you get when you combine beauty with convenience, The Bewti Concierge! We’ve designed a solution that allows busy women and men to fit self-care into their schedule. We know the struggle of not being able to book a beauty appointment for months, especially in the current climate. So, we’ve created the solution… The Bewti Concierge brings bespoke hair stylists and beauty therapists to you! Allowing you to shine whilst saving your precious time.


Our specialists are hand-picked, as The Bewti Concierge values talent and trust when it comes to our team members! You can rely on every professional who walks through your door to be qualified, quality-assured, and dressed with a smile. Simply choose your treatment, browse our professionals, and book!

Need to book three treatments in one? We’ve got you! Whether it is with the same beautician or three separate beauticians, our team of talented professionals will leave you looking and feeling like the celebrity you are!


All about you


At The Bewti Concierge we know that self-care should always come first, and we want to make your beauty experience worth every second. The world needs you at your finest so you can confidently catwalk the paths of life you were destined for.

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that slotting self-care into our diaries should be our highest priority! The Bewti Concierge is on a mission to make sure you show up in life as the best version of yourself and we know that you need to feel your absolute prime to do so!


In a year full of uncertainty, we have naturally become accustomed to our routine during lockdown. Many people may find it daunting to go to a salon or spa, which is why The Bewti Concierge is the perfect option for so many people! You choose your treatments, you choose the time, and you choose the location.


Lockdown has given many people the realisation that life is too short. Take that holiday, book that hair appointment, treat yourself because you deserve it! We are walking out of lockdown in full glam, ready to take on the world! Life’s spotlight is on you, and we want to make sure you feel ready to show up for the possibility that awaits you in every new day.


We’re ready to take over the beauty industry and we want you to come along for the ride! So, whether you’re a high maintenance queen, just here for a manicure, or a freelancer wanting to join our team of insanely talented beauticians, we can all be a part of the Bewti community together. A community designed to uplift and encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves!

Are you ready to step into the Bewti community? Follow us on Instagram or sign up to our mailing list for more sneak peeks!


Speak soon,


The Bewti Concierge x


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